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Hillingdon PCF & Hillingdon DADS

Hillingdon PCF – The voice of Parents Carers of Children (aged 0-25) with Disabilities and or SEN in Hillingdon

Hillingdon DADS – A Support and Social Group dedicated to DADS caring for children with Disabilities and or SEN in the UK


Artistic is a non-profit Organisation staffed by highly qualified volunteers who mentor and support exceedingly talented young artists, some of which have been diagnosed with Autism.


Movement is vitally important to the way we develop, to the way we communicate and understand each other, and to the way we feel, think and learn. Focusing on both the recreational and learning potential that dance movement has to offer, MovementWorks provides movement education and experiences of the highest quality for our children, their carers and educators.

MovementWorks for Autism
People on the spectrum (as well as everyone else) need to move!  – Dr Stephen Shore EdD, Prof Adelphi University

MovementWorks® has a team of autism specialists and Autism Movement Therapy® practitioners.

Sensory Wise

Sensory Wise online sensory toy shop and FREE comprehensive special needs information resource.

We also provide:

• Training and Workshops
• Sensory Room Design and Installation

Easy to read and jargon free, the Sensory Wise website is written and designed by a parent to help support other parents, carers, relatives and professionals who work with children and adults.

Sensory Wise – More Smiles, Less Stress, Better Support

Autism Reality Experience

A new immersive sensory experience, which can help people to understand more about some of the sensory difficulties faced by autistic people has now been launched in the UK. You may have seen information about this from BBC England social media and the Daily Mail Online. The Autism Reality Experience – a hands-on training course – can particularly help those working with individuals on the autism spectrum to understand more about acute sensitivities to light, sound and other things in the everyday environment that can overload those in their care. The Autism Reality Experience, invented by Experience Training Ltd’s Managing Director Glenn Knight, will be available UK-wide via a mobile simulator unit. The experience requires the user to attempt a series of tasks whilst being subjected to a range of effects designed to overload their sensory systems. Experience Training Ltd are now offering structured training sessions on the Autism Reality Experience to organisations across the UK who employ staff that work directly or indirectly with autistic people. This includes care and nursing homes, day centres, hospitals, hospices, local authorities, prisons, universities and the retail sector. The company’s national network of trainers will also be making the Autism Reality Experience available to carers and family members of autistic people across the UK. We recently launched the ‘Mobile’ Autism Reality Experience which is specifically for people to improve their understanding. When an autistic person is diagnosed we really need to support them by giving people around them a true understanding and although there are some amazing training courses available, it is very rare that they access them. The ARE is unlike any training course and actually gives us a first-hand insight into living with the condition.

Ruskin Mills

Since 1987, Ruskin Mill Trust’s Practical Skills Therapeutic Education method has enabled young people to overcome barriers to learning, become skilled, and return to their communities with greater independence. Ruskin Mill Trust operates five independent colleges, a specialist school and life-long residential and training provision for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.


We’re helping children with Sensory Challenges.

The gentle restriction which the fidgetbum brings, comforts children and helps them to relax. We’re helping mums and dads, supported by Occupational Therapists, to make bedtime easier and help children to have a better nights sleep .


Home from Home Care

Home From Home Care

Created by parents to make the difference; Home from Home Care provides specialist residential care for adults (17+) with complex needs, including Autism, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, PMLD, Sensory Impairment and other associated health and mental health issues, supporting individuals to lead active and fulfilled lives.

Joely Colmer

Autism Activist, Speaker, author and winner of the World Community Achievement award Joley Colmer has achieved so much.

AspergerWorld is a fantastic resource filled with a world of information, inspiration and guidance.

Here you’ll be able to learn and understand what Asperger’s Syndrome truly means from a young Autistic, Autism Activist who lives with the challenges, the confusing oddities and the remarkable every day quirks. You can join me on my life adventure as I discover the hidden depths of my disability, become enchanted by my gifts whilst challenging negative perceptions.

[OPTI] Kinetics

[OPTI] Kinetics is a leading innovator of specialist lighting projection effects and the largest manufacturers of sensory projectors in the world. Formed in London, England in 1970 by a group of creative lighting effect engineers, [OPTI] Kinetics products allow users to create effects that are suitable for multiple corporate, healthcare and entertainment applications.  One of their products, the [OPTI] Aura projector, is a multi-effects home projector that uses the same specialist lighting effects found in sensory rooms. Market research data has indicated that the [OPTI] Aura projector aids in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, agitation and insomnia.  The [OPTI] Aura Projector has its own Wi-Fi hotspot, is compatible with over 200 effect wheels and can run off a battery USB power pack. For more information please visit www.optikinetics.co.uk or call 01582 870305

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