NFPS Level 3 Approved

Restraint / Physical Intervention & Breakaway Instructor

Trained staff at the Priory Hospital

I am a mental health nurse since 2003, and I have worked in several different hospitals both in Germany and in the UK.  

My experience includes working with people with learning disabilities, and therefore I am aware of their needs but also of the relatives and carers who are looking after children and adults affected by Autism at home.

Often, when it comes to violence and aggression,  people often feel helpless and alone.

Knowing that there is not enough support out there, I would like to offer my help. I have decided to take all my knowledge and skills that I have collected over the years as a nurse and PMVA instructor and provide training on how to prevent and manage aggression and violence. Particularly for those people who have challenges with vulnerable individuals in the home.

I aim to help build confidence by teaching skills and techniques and the “Know how” to prevent and manage violent and aggressive behaviour.  

I also aim to raise awareness of what is and is not acceptable when challenged.



De-escalation Training for Children with Special Needs