Ey up chucs!

Ey up chucs!

image1A busy week all round, here there and everywhere, then somewhere in between?
So many times I think, boy I wish I could just put my feet up and sit here in silence, read a good book, or watch a funny film. I just never get round to it, always something to do. But what would I do if I did have some quiet time ?! I’m always thinking and feeling guilty that there is something that I should be doing, or something that I could be doing, or something that NEEDS doing. Am I making sense ?

Talking of busy, last Saturday we hosted our annual autism charity expo, and it was a huge success. I’ve never seen so many useful autism exhibitors, stalls, free clinics and outstanding speakers all in one place together at the same time. Add into the mix some charity colleagues, friends, LOTS of visitors and some lovely autism life dogs, and all the ingredients added up to equal one amazing recipe for success. It was a superb showcase to help many, and indeed it DID help so many, including myself! I was put in charge of collating details for WIFI. Lol lol ME !! WIFI ?! Bless, I thought no worries, I can make lists for that. But I’ll let you into a secret; whenever I hear someone mention WIFI I instantly think of our charity WIFA (Wear It For Autism) events ?? They don’t have any correlation with each other at all, it’s just me I get the two mixed up lol lol. Can you imagine if I’d of come back to people with a ticket for a WIFA makeover instead of a WIFI code?AWKWARD. They may of thought I was insinuating they needed to spruce themselves up a bit ??. Oops lol.

Then there was our sons transfer to an EHCP Special Needs School meeting. I’ve been so anxious about this, but of course I don’t show it, I keep it all in, suppress worries, feelings, thoughts, as I always do. But that’s a whole blog or two for another time. Once we’ve gotten to know each other better of course. I prefer to spread happiness and make people smile, feel positive, loved and valued. I needn’t of worried, armed with plenty of notes made whilst listening to fabulous barrister Sean Kennedy, we went in there meaning business, and we came out on top of the World having our Chris shyly join us at the end for a huge cuddle. Infact, I don’t want to tempt fate until we get our initial draft through, but the only thing that I was disappointed with (so far) was that they gave me a black coffee instead of a black tea?

I was also very lucky to be invited to a Finance Company launch at a performance car showroom. LOTS of fancy supercars such as Ferraris, MGs, and so many other fancy models I was totally inimage3 my element. Fabulous place. All those gorgeous cars, and GREAT SCOTT which car was I more interested in then ?! The DeLorean from the Back to The Future films. OMG. I was so obsessed with this film as a teenager, Michael J Fox I had a HUGE crush on, and I drove my parents mad playing it’s theme tune ‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis & The News…. plus, it was a 12inch record so it went on much longer – I used to replay it for hours. ‘Can’t you play something else for a change?!’ Mum would shout up the stairs lol lol. So actually sitting in the DeLorean was a dream come true?Shame Michael J Fox couldn’t join me, he must of had a prior engagement. Maybe next time Michael. ‘Maybe’ if I have spare time of course – I will put this into my mind file of ‘NEEDS doing’ ?

The weekends here and hubbie managed to get MAN FLU. Urgh. Men are NOT good patients. Nope. They don’t seem to be programmed the same way. The noises coming from my hubbie last night were reminiscent of a UFO coming in to land with an alien trying to make contact using ‘noise’. He (hubbie that is) looked at me as if I was the alien, when infact HE looked more like an alien with his swollen beady eyes and snotty nose! (Sorry Mark?). Chris topped the weekend off showing autism DOES have empathy, with an added side of literally SAY IT HOW IT IS….. ”Ahhhh very sorry you have a cold Daddy, BUT the good news is; it will be much quieter for a while then!” ?

On that note, taking advantage of the ‘quieter’ time, I am gonna read my book ‘The Girl with the Curly Hair’ written by Alis Rowe, I bought it from our Expo, and was lucky enough to meet her.

Ssssh. It’s oh so quiet?

Maybe not..

Bev xx

Why you should never make assumptions about people with autism.


I love eating; even more, I love cooking. And I love the fact that I get to work in the autism field. And I love miniature things. I am also a serial fantasiser – you know, for ever thinking up ‘what if…’ scenarios; the other day I was fantasising about how I could combine some of my special interests – i.e. cooking, autism, and miniatures, and came up with the idea of a new Blog post (more…)

AKO Autism Expo returns in 2017!!

AKO Autism Expo returns in 2017!!


After a hugely successful first year, AKO Autism Expo returns on the 11th March 2017.

Brunel University turned out to be a great venue, so we’re back again with outstanding speakers, fabulous exhibitors, art exhibition and our very popular clinics.


Sadly last year we had a few issues with our food court……Not in 2017. We have a lot of surprises in store.

Get your tickets today by clicking on this link.


If you have any questions, please give me a call orsend me a messageand I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Looking forward to seeing you there xx



AKO Expo Event Manager