Ey up! How are you?

Ey up! How are you?

image2In case you were wondering after my last blog .. Yep .. I’m still on ‘stand by’ ready to jump into action like a Ninja at any given moment. Although .. when I look at myself in the mirror I look more like a bulldog chewing a wasp than a Ninja with all ‘the moves’!

I used to have ‘the moves’ many years ago, oh yes I could strutt my stuff on the dance floor any night of the week, I loved a good MJ song, or some Madonna.  I’d dance all night not stopping for a drink, see I was never really into alcohol to be honest, I don’t even like fizzy pop!  People could never understand why I didn’t like any of it, or how comes I had the moves and energy all the time, I could’ve stayed up all night not a care in the World. And now. Well, let’s just say I love a good boogie when no-ones watching at home, just so long as I can sit down whenever I need to of course ?

It’s been a bit of a bulldog chewing a wasp kinda week for me I must say. To say my tired is TIRED would be an understatement. Our Ch is like a Duracell battery he never ‘runs out’ it’s like he wakes up raring to go whenever, he’s talked for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales this week…. and some. And then ‘IT’ happened?
He accidentally came across ‘Cruising with Jane Macdonald’ on tv?  It’s all about Ships and Buses you see with Ch.  I like to call them his ‘area of expertise’.  (I think we’ve done more bus trips than the drivers). So when Ch saw this programme it was like all his Christmases had come at once bless him.  Now, I do love watching Jane, she always made me smile on that Cruise reality show years ago, plus she’s a West Yorkshire lass like me so it’s almost kinda like we’re related?  And so Jane …. I thought you might like to know, we promptly had our own question time;  ‘Where’s the Grand Staircase’ Where’s the Captain’ ‘How many lifeboats does the ship have’ ‘Is it going to hit an iceberg’ ‘WHERE’S JACK & ROSE?!’  Ch said .. you can see where I’m going with this can’t you ?! ……. No Ch it’s not another Titanic, that’s Jane on the ship and there is no Jack and Rose on board. (If you know Jane be sure to invite her to the next showing of her show in my front room??).

Then there was the BUT.

Here we go. ‘BUT Mumble how do you know that? There might be, do you know ALL the passengers names? No you don’t so you can’t say that can you? You don’t know everything do you Mumble?!’  Pause after pause after rewind and fast forward, you name it. I tell you, it took us hours to watch. Never mind stand by, the tv was paused and rewound so many times I felt like I was actually in one of those fun house things at a fairground? My eyes were open like giant saucers – think of Mr Bean using matchsticks to keep his eyes open wide, only I didn’t need the matchsticks …. my eyes were permanently wowzer WIDE open ?

Fast forward to the weekend, a speedy trip to the hairdressers, homemade shepherds pie, another sneaky packet of Chs cheesy wotsits, and I’m ready for anything again. Well, almost. Not quite ‘Ninja’ ready though.

Trying to grab 5 minutes, I forgot myself and said out loud; ‘I’m gonna push the boat out and have a J2O fruit juice and drink it straight from the bottle’ What?! NO GLASS get me all daring like? ‘What do you mean you’re gonna push the boat out Mumble ?! WHICH boat, where are you going to push it….  ?!’

Here we go, no fast forward, no rewind, no chance for a pause…. Kawa bunga ?

So, before you end up cruising with me, I’ll say Bon voyage, until next time chucs?

P.S see you all at our annakennedyonline Autism Expo – I can’t wait, it’s gonna be amazing .. I doubt there will be ship in sight lol lol, BUT there WILL be a bus ? – a cool sensory bus !!

Bev xx

Beverly Guest.

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