Hiya, it’s only little me!

Let me introduce myself; I’m Bev, or …. Beverly by my hubbie when he’s cheesed off, Beverly Ann by my parents at times, and affectionately ‘Mumble’ by our son? …. then there’s Beverage, and Beverlina, amongst many others by work colleagues! But hey, YOU can call me Bev.

So yeah, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for like ages, and finally, FINALLY I have made a start. When I think back, I always liked writing, be it in the form of a diary, letter, poem, or story. Infact my English teacher at Secondary School Mr Gibson, told my Mum and Dad ‘Beverly’s style of writing is that she writes as she actually speaks’ at the first parents evening. I never forgot that. Mr Gibson used to remind me of Tom O’Connor and every time I saw Mr Gibson I used to think ‘Name That Tune!’ lol lol …. anyone remember him?!

Anyway, I digress (you’ll get used to me!). I’m a Yorkshire lass from Leeds originally, married to cheeky chappie Londoner Mark, and we have one gorgeous handsome son Christopher also affectionally known as Ch, and an angel baby Mollie?. I love my family of course, and many many other things such as my Front of House job, being a Charity Champion for AKO, researching our family tree, old films, shoes, jewellery, Yorkshire, snow and potatoes. Yes. Potatoes. Random I know, but who said there have to be any rules to this blogging thing?!

To be honest, I always find it easier to share my thoughts writing, so you lucky top bananas will get to read them, however random they may be 😉 It’s like my mind never stops thinking, over thinking things through more often than not, and as an outlet for them, what better place is there than through my blog on annakennedyonlines website!

I’m feeling all cosy today wrapped up in an old tracksuit with my oh so favourite leopard print dressing gown on top (so attractive). No work make up, no hair styling, no beauty regime at all. Just plain old me, oh my! As a northern lassie, I should be used to the cold, but just felt I needed that extra bit of comfort today as I’ve got so many thoughts going round my head that I can’t shake off and that bit of warm cosiness seems to be helping. Our son Ch is busy playing on his laptop, he’s too quiet, which I can’t seem to relax about, I’m constantly sat here on standby waiting for the next calling out of my name…. ‘Mumble!!!!!’ It’s surprising how loud a voice a person so petite can have. My mind is always full of ‘stuff’ like today; more forms to fill out for Ch, why has my first day of the weekend off gone so quick, hope the EHCP appointment for us about Ch next month will be ok, the changes at work during the months refit may be trial and error oh!, what shall I wear to our Expo, can I be bothered to paint my nails, I just wanna sleep and ….. should I nick another bag of Ch’s cheesy wotsits even though technically I’m not hungry? lol lol. Mind won’t relax. It’s one of those things isn’t it like when you first had your baby and people used to say ‘Sleep when they sleep!’ …. and of course I never could, and with our asd kids people often say to me ‘relax when he’s occupied’ …. and of course I can’t. We can’t. It doesn’t work like that. Cos I never know when the next calling of Mumble will be, or the holla at me for a ‘DRRRIIINNNKKKKK!’ it could be any second, or when I’m needed to help calm down the fact that someone in his game has just caused the all mighty of a huge faux pax insulting him by calling him a nube. I just can’t ever relax, I feel like one of those old tvs from years ago when you put it on standby – you know what I mean; it’s not quite fully on, but then again its never switched off! Always thinking of Ch’s next move, or mine. Shall I risk a cup of tea whilst he’s awake?! Questions questions, thoughts and more thoughts always.

I’m just an everyday person, trying to get by in this World as best I can, and all of us are different in our own way, with our own ‘pocket of greatness’ somewhere inside. Maybe through this journey we will discover each others pocket of greatness together.

So, better say bye for now top bananas…. Oh but no, I’m not switching off .. I’m on standby 😉

Laters patatas ?

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