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AKO Team > Autism Awareness Expo

AKO Team

Anna Kennedy Online is driven by teams of people who care a lot more about getting it done, and the relationships we build as a result and we are established and passionate about helping society and raising Autism Awareness across the globe by making a difference through our dedication to reaching out and supporting communities.

Anna Kennedy Online Team

Anna Kennedy OBE

Lisa Robins, Personal Assistant & Events Coordinator

Tally Nothey, Marketing & Events

Sean Kennedy, Legal Advisor

Charity Champions

Jo Wiggins Annand

Beverly Guest

Dawn Avery

Keith Avery

Mala Thapar

Nikki Etienne

Our Patrons

Kacey Ainsworth

Steven Smith

Jo Redman

John Paul J-Rock Horsley

Aston Avery

Young Patrons

Ryan Wiggins

James Hobley

The Ambassadors

Harvey Price

Daniel Docherty

Siena Castellon

Matty Street

Paul Isaacs

Danielle Lloyd

Phillip Wills

Aston Avery

Macauley Elvin

Overseas Ambassador

Paula McGowen

Dani Bowman

AKO Team